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Burgess Family Books

by Mike Burgess last modified October 16, 2005 06:01 PM

Books detailing some of the history of the Burgess family

Mollie's HeritageMollie's Heritage by Mollie Burgess, compiled by Barbara Burgess, cover illustration by Deane Burgess (Paperback - 1972)
Mary (Mollie) Burgess was the sixth child born to the union of John I. Burgess and Margaret Wilson. She wrote this history as it was told to her and as she experienced it, including it in all of the superstitions, neighborhood yarns, and incidents recalled from her childhood.

This is her history written in her own words as much as possible, but organized into a sequence that younger generations lacking her intimate knowledge of relationships and friends can understand.

Mollie never married and so she did not leave a heritage of her own, but perhaps more importantly she has enriched the heriage of others by preserving this priceless history of pioneers.

House of BurgessesThe House of Burgesses by Barbara Burgess, cover illustration by Deane Burgess (Paperback - December, 1991)
The original House of Burgesses was the first representative legislative body in America, and the first in any English colony. It met in Jamestown, the capital of Virginia in 1619. The session included two citizens, or burgesses, from each of the 11 boroughs of Virginia. The Kansas House of Burgesses is the family who descended from the Kansas pioneers John I Burgess and Margaret Wilson Burgess who came to Kansas in 1868. This magazine is the story of one branch of the Burgess pioneers in Kansas.

Fresh Feathered EggsFresh Feathered Eggs by John F. Burgess, George D. Burgess (Paperback - August 30, 2005)
It’s a story with humor…the way it was…and love…of family, friends, rural neighbors, and God, in Mid-America in the 1940s and 50s. Freddy and George live through fresh feathered eggs, bathroom episodes, one-pig diners, Aunt Maggie’s blue jays, and milking school.

There are times of painting like P. Kosso, being a hop too slow, the wrong color calf, a lily-livered puff, cow-tail skiing, church-camp undercover undressing, and more.

This living-history book has practical jokes and self-inflicted humorous events—all true—or could be. In the end, family values developed from their Christian walk help them meet all kinds of challenges...and predicaments.

Buyers of the John and George's book can get it at, but the best buy is by emailing them directly. The family rate via email is $15 plus postage, so it is quite a lot less.
You can email them at either or

My Old Cowboy BootsMy Old Cowboy Boots-Country Poems for Most/Some Occasions by Dwight Burgess (Paperback - 1992) Illustrated by Deane & Vaughn Burgess

"How this book came about" (Portion of opening poem by Dwight Burgess)

"I've had a real love for poetry,
 For the better part of my fifty years.
 It was something I saw in my old Grandpa,
 He could bring people to laughter or tears."

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