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Content Posting Guidelines

by Mike Burgess last modified October 14, 2005 05:31 PM

What kinds of content are appropriate for this site

This is a family-oriented website, so feel free to post anything you think the rest of the family might find interesting.

Please keep in mind News Items, Events and Photo Galleries all have to be reviewed before they will show up in the main parts of the site.

Photo Galleries
family photos, photos of events, photos of kids, pets, renovation projects, or anything else that someone in the family might find interesting. When possible please resize/optimize photos (instructions for resizing photos) before uploading them. 

family news, new addresses*, phone numbers* or other pertinent information family members might like to know

weddings, reunions, parties, graduations and other events

*Not too much of an identity theft issue here as this is already available in most phone books and is already available online.

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