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Burgess Trivia Questions

by Karen Meek last modified October 22, 2005 09:38 PM

2005 Labor Day Reunion game "Who wants to be a Burgess?"

Who fed the chickens in her mink coat?
Aunt Maggie Ewing
Who broke Denny's mile record at Wamego High School?
His cousin Tom Beach
What law enforcement office did Grandpa Tom Burgess hold?
Pott. County Deputy sheriff
Who brought a skunk to the stone house door, holding it by the tail?
Aunt Mildred Weybrew
Which family members were/are school teachers?
An incomplete list; Grandma Mabel Scott Burgess, Aunt Margaret Wilson, Uncle George, Uncle Bob, Aunt Maggie Ewing, Kathleen Wilson, Barbara Burgess, Deane Burgess, Sally Burgess, Dan Burgess, Doug Burgess, Becky Burgess, Mary Hemphill, Ron & Amy Bailey, Conn & Di Harrison, Dave Burgess, Sybil & Dick Carlson, Marsha Beach, John Frederick Burgess, Judy Leonetti, Scott Burgess.
Are there others that were omitted? Send your info. to

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