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Microsoft Paint

by Mike Burgess last modified October 15, 2005 11:17 AM

How to resize photos using Microsoft Paint

  1. Click "Start", then move your curson to "All Programs". Next move your curson to "Accessories", then "Paint".
  2. Click "File", then "Open" to open the image you would like to resize.
  3. Click "Image", then "Attributes..." to check the original width in pixels.
  4. Then, click "Image", then "Stretch/Skew".
  5. Reduce percentages of both Horizontal and Vertical to resize the photo to approximately the following:
    • 800 or less for a photo gallery photo (If original was less than 800, no need to resize.)
    • 300-400 or less for a photo to be inserted in a Page or News Item
    • 75 for a portrait photo (height will need to be 100 pixles for portrait)
  6. Click "File", then "Save As" to save your resized photo.

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